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Psyche is back with their first brand new material in 13 years!

Ever since the last full length “The 11th Hour” in 2005, Psyche has been touring, and releasing the occasional compilation, or re-releases of their classic 80s tracks, while quietly accumulating sounds and thoughtful lyrics covering life experiences, and social developments through the last decade.

Now it’s time for the first official songs written by the current lineup of Stefan Rabura and Darrin Huss who have built on the legacy to bring their take on what’s to come in future generations.

“Youth Of Tomorrow” speaks of today’s disenchanted young. Social media motivated while feeling ripped off and still under control of their elder's corporate ideals and controlled system. Comprising the classic 80s estheticism of their analog synth based sound with tribal beats, and big sound production of the modern digital age. The song is a cynical, but celebratory anthem. Ready to blast its way into the senses of today’s generation while rejuvenating Psyche’s status in the process.

“Truth Or Consequence” is no slouch B-Side either. Instead we have a song 5 years in the making. Beginning as “Life on Trial” in respect to the Bradley manning court case, and now reflecting on the pardon of said whistleblower, now known as Chelsea Manning and the following protests and survival within the Trump era. Dieselgate, Twitter Trolls, and social unrest.

Who’s telling the truth now? and what are the consequences for actions today?

This song finds Psyche leaving their mark on the new Cold Wave generation. utilising sounds such as the Oberheim Drum Machine that was originally heard in 1985 on The Brain Collapses

and keeping their dark indie moods reminding their audience where they came from while showing the newbies how it’s done!

Vocally Darrin has reached new heights in his abilities throughout Psyche’s latest live performances, and it definitely shows on the new recordings.

Stefan Rabura with his exceptional sense of sonic abilities, and intuitive soundscaping is the perfect match for Darrin’s brother Stephen, who left us just as Psyche began their renaissance with their 30th anniversary releases on ArtofFact Records.

Psyche always had one step ahead of the future, and the future is now just catching up with the youth of tomorrow

New single: https://psyche.bandcamp.com/album/youth-of-tomorrow-3


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I Can't Live In A Living Room

TV Activity



Polar Club



From Ape To Zebra (Parsifal)

A Red Zebra Is Not A Dead Zebra

Sanitized For Your Protection


John Wayne

Last Band Standing

Don't Put Your Head In A Bucket (Parsifal)

Punks Don't Have Barbecues

Blue Nothing Day

The Art Of Conversation


Spit On The City

I Got The Microphone

Live In Front Of A Nation

No Kitchen In The House

Graveyard Shuffle

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Red Zebra is a Belgian post-punk group from Bruges.


They started at the end of the 1970s and have the following members: Peter Slabbynck (vocals), Geert Maertens (lead guitar), Vincent Hallez (second guitar and bass guitar) and Johan Isselee (drums).[1] In 1980 they had their biggest hit I Can't Live In A Living room, today still a punk classic. The group still exists and also has a related project today, namely The John Lennon Rifle Club. On 6. December 2010, it was announced that the cooperation between singer Peter Slabbynck and the other members of the group was stopped. They announced this on their page on Myspace. In 2017 they reformed.




Dole : The cult new wave pop-rock band DOLE was first active between 1979 and 1987.

Based in Athus, a small town on the border of Belgium, France and Luxembourg, DOLE gained media and public success in continental Europe, playing concerts in Belgium, Germany, Holland, France, Spain, Switzerland and even Morocco.

The first band (with Aroma di Amore) signed by PIAS, DOLE issued the 4 track 12" record SMALL TOWN in 1984.


This was followed in 1985 by two 7" and 12" singles : HAIRCUT, produced by Luc VAN ACKER, and RUMROAD, produced by Adrian BORLAND (leader of THE SOUND).


In 1986, DOLE's first and only album THE SPEED OF HOPE (incl . the single SLUMBERLAND) was issued by PIAS in Belgium, Polydor in France and Nettwerk in Canada.

DOLE was again active from 2008 to 2010, and A NEW LINE-UP IS CURRENTLY ACTIVE and playing rare gigs in outstanding venues and places.

DOLE records are still much sought after by new wave fans and record collectors from around the world.


The Arch: Comeback of the Belgian cult band! An atmospheric concoction of electronic and guitar-sounds characterizes a unique style of floating elegies and driving post-punk. Caution: addictive!

That Belgium has been an epicentre of alternative music production for years, has hardly remained unnoticed to the experts, but still only few bands have managed to let ascend their hits to sustainable evergreens. Not The Arch who for years have been well established on dark-wave-events with their hits “Babsi ist tot” and “Ribdancer”.

With their style THE ARCH create an unmistakable blend of energetic Post-rock guitars, atmospheric, electronic Dark wave-elements, dynamic Electronic body music basslines and touching vocals; an interplay of different ingredients, that are capable to truly mesmerize the listener.

But the band is able to excite their fans not only out of the studio. The Belgians confidently present their catchy tunes on the international stages, such as the M'era Luna Festival, Blackfield Festival, Wave-Gotik-Treffen and on tour with icons such as Peter Murphy, The Mission or Clan of Xymox.

THE ARCH are finally back with a new highly anticipated album, which contains 12 new songs, which show the versatility of the band. It takes us on a journey to the alternative music-culture, in which the power and intensity of the interaction between guitar-driven and electronic music is once again made visible!

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IN.VISIBLE is Andrea Morsero’s solo project. - Musician and DJ.

Publishing the first self-produced album HAVE YOU EVER BEEN? in 2014, produced recorded and mixed by Lele Battista (La Sintesi - Morgan - Violante Placido, etc.) the album receives excellent musical reviwes and it is performed on several prestigious Italian stage.


In 2016 the single PEOPLE ARE STRANGE is released, an arrangement of the classic DOORS piece, which paves the way for IN.VISIBLE to the world of the Italian new wave and the opportunity to perform live in Berlin in February 2017; thus opening the way to synergies with the artistic realities of the city and giving the right international dimension to the project.


In November of 2016, Morsero is in studio to record the second album EXOTIC WHITE ALIEN, continuing to collaborate with Battista, the record is mixed by Paolo Iafelice (Fabrizio De Andrè - Ligabue - Stewart Copeland - Silvestri - Casino Royale, etc.).


The LP marks a turning point compared to the previous one, including oriental and psychedelic influences, always maintaining the electronic design synthetic matrix.


« Kezdown » : a mix of vintage synths, catchy guitars and powerfull drums.

Cold as sun and hot as ice … If you wear black, you should understand.


Played by current member of «The Breath Of Life» and also ex

«Texas Trauma» and «Modern Cubism» musicians.


A debut album : « Escape Lane » available on Wool-E Discs.


Modèle Martial was present in the post-punk scene from 1989 to 1991.


Following on from Bunker Strasse.


The band reunited late 2017 to make a come back on stage.


A documentary dedicated to their story is in progress


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Black Snow in Summer : Dark minimal electro wave

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