2ième Edition du Wol'n Bal Festival


Parade Ground : groupe belge, créé en 1981 par les frères Jean-Marc et Pierre Pauly, a été pionnier de la cold wave et de l'Electronic body music.

Ils ont régulièrement collaboré avec des membres du groupe belge Front 242.



Moan on the Sly - 7" (1983)

Man in a Trance - 12" (1984)

Took Advantage - 12" (1985)

Dual Perspective - 12" (1987)

Hollywood - 12" (1988)

Cut Up - LP/CD (1988)

Strange World - 12" (1988)

Live Collection - CD (2007)

Rosary - CD (2007)

The Golden Years - LP Vinyl USA (2011)

The 15th Floor - LP Vinyl (2012)

A room with a view - Cassette/CD (2012)

Strange World - CD (2014)

Sanctuary - Cassette (2016)

Singles - CD (2016)

Cut Up - Ré-édition CD (2017)

Sanctuary - CD (2017)

Frozen Nation : D&D, Moss et Elvis sont les membres de ce groupe bruxellois New Wave et post Punk. Ils se sont rencontrés en 2017, au Spector Studio à Bruxelles, lors d’un hiver particulièrement rigoureux.

Après avoir sorti « I Failed For You », un 1er single qui a été playlisté ou diffusé sur de nombreuses radios à travers le monde, les bruxellois de Frozen Nation annoncent enfin un premier LP 10-titres intitulé « Dark Belgian Disco » disponible en physique et digital depuis le 1er septembre 2017.



A Slice Of Life : is a Belgian post-punk band formed in 2016. Their sound has a dark melancholic feel with an unmistakable alternative rock twist. The vocals bring reminiscences of the great darker voices of Robert Smith, Andrew Eldritch and even David Bowie. A demo EP was released in 2017 which quickly grabbed the attention of several internetradio shows in Belgium and abroad.

“Restless’ is the band’s first full album and released in august 2018 on Wool-E Discs.

The band played at W-Fest 2018 and in several clubs.


White coal addiction : are a coldwave band that formed in belgium in early 2012.

White coal addiction combine these influences to create a gloomy, earnest and introspective version of these genres with deep, somber vocals, introverted vs incisive guitar parts, hypnotic basslines and pounding drums.

A first EP minor offence was released in 2015. a second EP major offence was recorded in late 2016 and is planned to be released in 2017.



KORINTHIANS : is “a synth-drunk, propulsive slice of New (non)-Romantic darkwave” (dixit Dave Cantrell), is a Ghent-based four-piece outfit blending vocals, guitar, bass and drums with synths and samples.

After the Olympus EP [2016], they proudly present the AWWW 7" [2017], produced by KORINTHIANS and the mighty Koenraad Foesters (www.studiojupiter.be). Mastered by Karel De Backer.

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